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Sony Introduces A New Android-Powered Smart Watch

Anokhi DIY Business & Technology Jun 26, 2013

With wristwatches gradually becoming obsolete due to the younger generation relying on their smartphones alone, the Sony Smart Watch 2 is the perfect alternative. 

At Shanghai’s Mobile Asia Expo this Tuesday Sony unveiled the Sony Smart Watch 2, which is designed as a second screen for Android smart phones! Not only does the wristwatch offers all the perks an android phone might have, it’s also waterproof!

Stephan K Perrson, Head of Companion Products at Sony Mobile Communications, in an official statement said, “Competitors are only now launching first generation devices, while we are already launching a 3rd generation device with all the insight gained from over half a million customers combined with Sony’s wealth of technology expertise to create the best ever smart watch experience.”

Perrson continued on to remark, “The future of wearable devices is incredibly bright with analyst research predicting 41 million ‘smart’ watches will be sold by 2016. We have over 200 unique apps dedicated for Sony Smartwatch with over one million downloads to date and we are continuing to work with our strong developer network to deliver ever more compelling smartwatch experiences.” 
With this wristwatch, you have the ability to make phone calls and answer calls in a futuristic way just by touching the watch, take photos with your phone remotely and even, believe it or not, for presentations – you can actually control the slide presentations by using Sony’s “Presentation Pal.”

Here is a list of more features found at the official website:
• Taking a run or on the bike? Select a mapping app on Smartwatch to check your route with a quick glance at your wrist
• Read previously downloaded e-mails when not connected to your phone
• Use lifestyle apps like Runtastic to map and instantly track your fitness
activities on the go
• Quickly and easily adjust the tracks and volume on your music player,
without ever taking your phone from your pocket

Although according to US Daily Voice, the reviews of the third-generation wristwatch have been mixed with many critics complaining that the design of the watch has not really changed in the last six years, the new Smartwatch comes with a 1.6-inch, 220 x 176 display, Bluetooth 3.0 support and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It has more than 200 “unique” apps that are made especially for this futuristic device with “over million down loads to date.” The new Smartwatch also comes with a microUSB connector and 5-6 days of light usage.

These are not the only features of the watch because now it comes with Near-Field Communication (NFC) Capabilities that can be paired with a phone or tablet. A reviewer adds, “Oh, it can also be used as a watch too and can be fitted to any standard 24mm wristband.”

Feature Image: Courtesy of Karlis Dambrans 
Source: US Daily Voice, Mashable, The Next Web, and Sony Mobile
Image source: Sony Mobile Blogs



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