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Stretch Marks: Prevention & Daily Care Tips

Anokhi Spotlight TV Health & Wellness Aug 02, 2016

Trying to get rid of those awful stretch marks? Not to worry, this episode of ASTV is for you. . .

On this 'Beauty & Grooming' episode of ANOKHI SPOTLIGHT TV, we check out the brand new stretch mark cream by Elancyl which fights off the cause of stretch marks right from the root.

So if you've got some stretch marks you want to give rid of, or know you'll be getting some soon, act fast and do it right with Elancyl's new product.

Tune in for more episodes of ANOKHI SPOTLIGHT TV at 1pm EST.

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Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai


Daniel is the Digital Media Manager for ANOKHI MEDIA and the host for ANOKHI's entertainment channel, PULSE TV. As part of the dream team, Daniel manages all multiple channels under ANOKHI’s portfolio, while also training new on-air talent, and showing budding p...


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