Anokhi Pulse TV / T.A.P.E.: #ThisIsMyBeauty Event’s Beauty & The Male Perspective Panel

T.A.P.E.: #ThisIsMyBeauty Event’s Beauty & The Male Perspective Panel

Anokhi Pulse TV Jun 06, 2017

Here’s a little about the panelists for #ThisIsMyBeauty‘s male panel “Beauty & The Male Perspective” . . .

HUSE MADHAVJI is a versatile actor in film and television. After roles on ABC’s “Combat Hospital” and a 4 season run on HBO Canada’s comedy “Call Me Fitz”, Huse took on the challenging part of Dr. Shahir Hamza, a brilliant neurosurgeon with Asperger’s syndrome on CTV’s hit drama, “Saving Hope”. He is also an award-winning writer and producer. His short film “The Time Traveler”, a project which he co-wrote and stars in, garnered attention and won best short film at the Canadian Film Fest and a best foreign film nomination at the San Francisco Black Film Festival. Prior to acting, Huse was a successful broadcaster last seen hosting Star! Canada’s Entertainment Channel (now E! Canada). He was also a reporter for Etalk and a feature reporter for UPN television’s evening and morning shows in Northern California. Huse is also the resident host of Toronto’s World Partnership Walk, a charity supporting development projects in Asia and Africa.

HARJAS SINGH aka Styled By Harj is a Toronto based Fashion Blogger, Consultant and Personal Stylist. Growing up in such a dynamic and fast paced city, Harjas fed off of the different cultures, personalities, and fashion to develop and embrace his own personal style. Through this process he continued to learn and educate himself on the ever-changing world of fashion. Styled By Harj showcases his unique fashion sense via social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and his personal website. These platforms provide him with an opportunity to engage with a larger audience, display his talents, provide style tips and tricks and most importantly express his artistic side in a way he did not think was possible. These outlets also provide him a platform to promote and express his Sikh heritage and identity in a unique and creative way. Styled By Harj also takes on the role of a consultant and stylist to help others EXPERIMENT with, GROW, and DEFINE their personal style. Harjas saw that many individuals needed guidance when experimenting with new styles and patterns and wanted to provide that helping hand in discovering their personal style and and fashion confidence. Today, Harjas is working on continuing to grow his social media personality and brand image. He wants to continue to find avenues to spread his unique fashion outlook and inspire others to do the same. Through fashion, Harjas believes that individuals themselves can continue to grow, develop, and pave new paths.



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