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Textile Industry Leader, Alok International Launches Flagship in NYC

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Alok International Launches It's NYC Flagship Store

You’ve all heard of fashion week but what about textile weeks, when designer fabric companies display their materials and fashion and home goods representatives decide what cloth, colors and patterns will be “in,” next season.
Textile Market Week New York might be over for another season, but for Alok International it’s the start of something new. 250+ representatives of top home decor brands, textile industry leaders and socialites attended the brand new launch of Alok International’s showroom which was geared to coincide with New York Textile Market Week. The Dallas-based subsidiary of the Mumbai textile giant, Alok Industries Limited, unveiled their 17,000 square foot flagship showroom based at Madison Avenue.

In addition to a studio ready to accommodate 20+  designers, the two-story space houses private label home textile collections of Kathy IrelandRaymond Waites and Jessica McClintock to name a few.

The chic showroom was crafted by renowned Japanese architect Fu Yokota and designed by Rei Diaz. The interior, sensitive to supporting the vibrant textiles, is a modern classic composed of neutral woods, textured surfaces and exotic stonework.

Articulating the principles of Vastu by signifying the importance of floor layouts and movement of energy, the flagship is a design statement geared to provide a serene shopping experience, an energetic workspace as well as serve up inspiration in private client consultations.

vastu showroom
Alok International's Vastu-Inspired Showroom Space

ANOKHI MEDIA had the opportunity to ask Arun Agarwal, the company’s CEO a few questions:
AM: First of all we’d like to say congratulations on being awarded the Dallas Business Journal’s Minority Business Leader Award. What is the one accomplishment that has stood out for you which best reflects your career to date and what do you hope to accomplish next?

AA:  I’m glad that I got to be involved in market leadership in the industry in such a short time and be part of retail strategies of top retailers. I hope to achieve full integration in every department of home textiles in the next several years.
AM: We understand Alok International has full management control of Next Creations and its license with Charisma Brands. Can you elaborate over the company’s future focus that has been stated to be  strengthening U.S. operations and design capabilities?

AA: Next Creations is one of the best design studios with 20+ full time designers. Housing them at the Alok International flagship store provides a full service solution to our retail clients.

AM: Do you think that this will generate more jobs in the United States?

AA: Absolutely; this is a critical part of ‘Made in America’ strategies for Alok.

AM: Understandably a fashion hub such as New York is an ideal location for launching a flagship store, but is there anywhere else in the U.S. you’re hoping to expand?

AA: Yes, for manufacturing there are a few locations being explored at this time.

ceo alok
Alok International CEO Mr. Arun Agarwal Toasts The Launch Of The NYC Showroom 

AM: The new showroom’s design is based on Vastu, can you tell us a little bit more about the message you’re showcasing to your clients through the flagship store’s interior design? 

AA: Energy moves in circles, and better Vastu is in well-organized spaces. People should immediately see and feel that Alok is a well-organized company.

alok team
Alok International Team

AM: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion students and designers, interested in the home goods industry and/or opportunities with South Asian companies such as yourself?

AA: Be unique and believe in yourself. This is a global economy so keep a global perspective.
We consider Alok to be a global company.

Photo Credits: Andy Chang


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