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Tips For Managing Your Dosha

Anokhi Spotlight TV Health & Wellness Sep 24, 2014

Knowing what's good and bad for your body can often be a mystery.

So on today's 'Health & Wellness' episode of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV, expert and host Dimple Don-Liyanage unravels the mystery by helping us figure out our Dosha.

By understanding your dosa type, you're able to better address your body's needs such as choosing the appropriate diet, leading to a better sustained and balanced lifestyle.

Dimple dissects what you need to know about the 3 doshas: 

1. Vata Dosha
2. Pitta Dosha
3. Kapha Dosha

Click to watch Dimple address each Dosha's characteristics along with its recommended diet so you can stay in tune with your body's needs.

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