Anokhi Pulse TV / New Episode / Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival | Komagata Maru film | Beauty & The Beast

Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival | Komagata Maru film | Beauty & The Beast

Anokhi Pulse TV New Episode Nov 18, 2016

In our fresh new avatar of Anokhi Pulse TV we’ve got the week’s buzzing headlines plus an in depth look at what’s making big news with host Dilshad Burman.
In this week’s pop culture round up: Chris Rock, Michelle Obama or Kanye West – who would you vote in as President of The United States in 2020? Plus the tragic story of the Komagata Maru gets the cinematic treatment in Lions of The Sea, and Disney’s new trailer for Beauty and the Beast is giving us some major feels!
Our Feature story this week takes an in depth look at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival as it celebrates it’s 20th year. We;ve got some choice highlights from the festivities and what you can still catch this weekend!

Stay tuned for more jam-packed entertainment fun on ANOKHI PULSE TV!


Featured Image Credits:
Photo of Donald Trump – Donald Trump Official Twitter
Photo of Chris Rock – Chris Rock Official Twitter
Photo of the Komagata Maru – ity of Vancouver Archives
Photo of Beauty and the Beast Movie Still – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Photo of Reel Asian poster –

Dilshad Burman

Dilshad Burman


Dilshad Burman is an award winning TV host and Canadian media personality.   Born in Mumbai, India, she was surrounded by its creative energy and grew up with a passion for music, film and television. While completing her Bachelor of Arts in English literature from The University of Mumbai, she i...


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