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Tuck Some Love In A Tiffin Box For Valentine’s Day

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Feb 08, 2016

Inspired by the famous Tiffin lunch boxes in Mumbai, you can create a beautiful luncheon for your loved one this Valentine's Day. After all, the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach right?

A multitude of cultures, and of lunch Tiffin boxes. Every day around 200,000 home cooked tiffin boxes are delivered to students and workers by the dabbawalas – tiffin box deliverymen. The men first hand collect the tiffin boxes, then hand deliver them to their rightful owners.

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The dabbawalas deliver these boxes on trains, bicycles, and handcarts. One would think it would be easy to make a mistake in delivering these boxes (remember Irrfan Khan's The Lunchbox?), but according to a survey, there is only one mistake in every 6,000,000 deliveries!
Tiffin boxes consist of three to four layers of boxes stacked on each other. Each box then has a separate course of the meal in it.

Get nspired by these tiffin boxes, and hand-deliver a Valentine Tiffin Box to your loved one this year. You don’t just have to pack a three course meal in the tiffin, get creative!

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Here’s a few ideas:
Top Layer: Chocolate covered strawberries. Just melt some chocolate, dip the strawberries in it, cover them with sprinkle, let them cool off, and then pack them up. Or you could just buy them from a chocolatier, your choice, they’re yummy either way.

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Middle Layer: Heart shaped cut out of some fruits. Watermelon is one of the easiest to cut up in a heart shape, but be creative and make hearts from apples or even oranges. Whatever your loved one likes.

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Bottom Layer: With dessert and fruits taken care of, lets fill that tummy with the main course. The possibilities are endless. How about heart shaped personal pizza? Or quiche tarts? Or curry with rice arranged in a heart shape? Have your pick, be creative, and let your heart be inspire with love.

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