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Two British-Asian Schoolgirls Beat Hawking And Einstein’s IQ Scores

Anokhi DIY Anokhi Today Breaking News & Sports World Jan 18, 2016

Kashmea Wahi and Anushka Binoy, two schoolgirls from England, have managed to beat the IQ scores of scientists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Kashmea Wahi and Anushka Binoy
Photo Credit: Kya Boss

The girls took the Cattell III B Mensa test, which features 150 questions — with lots of reading comprehension and passages of text to decipher. The girls were in an examination hall with plenty of adults and were among the few children present.

Wahi had a very unique reason to take the test: getting her parents off her back about studying from her textbooks!

“It's overwhelming to be compared with the likes of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein; the comparison is implausible and I believe it would take loads of achievements for anyone like myself to be able to get into the league of such legends,” said Wahi to India Today.

For Binoy, being in a room full of adults and taking the test was daunting at first.

"When I walked into the exam hall, I was flabbergasted. I mean, the room was full of grown-ups and I felt very nervous. But when I started the exam, I found it easier,” Binoy said to the BBC.

The test is only open to students over the age of 10, but age was no issue for 11-year-old Wahi and 12-year-old Binoy. In fact, they join Lydia Sebastian, another South Asian schoolgirl from the United Kingdom who beat the scores of both Hawking and Einstein.

Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160.
Photo Credit: English Book Georgia

For context, consider that both Hawking and Einstein were reported to have IQs of 160. Binoy and Wahi scored the top score of 162 out of 162. Binoy mentioned that she's fond of creative writing and wouldn't mind being a writer in the future, and Wahi has a perfect excuse to get out of reading textbooks now!

Scoring two points ahead of these scientists is an amazing achievement for these talented girls. They're among the top 1 per cent of the world's smartest people. We can't wait to see what they get up to!

Main Image Photo Credit: The Independent 

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