Have you ever wondered about how to choose the right wine to go with your meal

On this 'Home & Away' episode of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV we visit Toronto's Food & Wine Expo where we learn how a great food and wine pairing can help enchance any dinner time experience. 

ADSTV speaks to trained Sommelier Konstantinos Rampaounis of the Kolonaki Group about the science and purpose behind pairing food with wine and how we can do so ourselves by highlighting 3 basic tips: 

1. Pair Red & Wine Sauces With Like Coloured Wines
2. Heavily Cooked Meats Pair Well With Red Wines
3. Lightly Cooked Meats Pair Well With Light Red/White Wines

Watch this episode to learn how the aromas of wine can also pair well with South Asian cuisine and aromatic spices such as cumin, turmeric and chili powder. 

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Photo Credit: luxpresso.com

Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai


Daniel is the Digital Media Manager for ANOKHI MEDIA and the host for ANOKHI's entertainment channel, PULSE TV. As part of the dream team, Daniel manages all multiple channels under ANOKHI’s portfolio, while also training new on-air talent, and showing budding p...


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