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#ZaynHasNoChill: The Top 3 Beefs of Zayn Malik

Anokhi Buzz Anokhi DIY Entertainment & Gossip Jul 15, 2015

It's time to grab that popcorn, folks, because Zayn Malik, formerly our one South Asian reason for following anything One Direction, is issuing another one of his infamous Twitter clapbacks.

This time, it's his ally during the 1D split, producer Naughty Boy (AKA Shahid Khan) whom Malik has accused of leaking his "No Type" music video. So we decided to look at Zayn's habit of getting into beefs and who won each round of these notorious fights.  

Naughty Boy: 0, Zayn: 1

The pair in happier times. Image courtesy: The Mirror

You don't need to have a PhD in Twitter shade to understand why Malik was rightfully peeved, since Naughty Boy leaked the music video for Malik's cover of Rae Sremmurd's single "No Type." The video hit the Internet this June after Naughty Boy leaked it, following a spat with bandmate Louis Tomlinson. These are the tweets that led the 1D fandom to lose their minds: 

And then there was this ultimate blow: 

We're sure that once this incident reaches the textbooks with its moniker ""The Zaughty Years War," we'll be on the victorious side of history!

Zayn: 1, Louis: 0
Team ZOUIS! Image Courtesy: Heatworld

Now, if you act your age, then these types of scraps between former bandmates wouldn't reduce you to constantly refreshing your Twitter timeline at work or making a fridge magnet out of this ultimate clapback: 


But #NoRegrets because this was one of the most entertaining beefs we'd seen in a long while, especially since it involved Naughty Boy riling up fans and Tomlinson with this image: 

Once again, Naughty Boy lived up to his moniker and stirred up trouble between the two former bandmates, but we have to give Louis some props for pointing out the obvious: 

However, we're on Zayn's side here because that was a sassy enough burn for Zayn to still keep it on his timeline!

Zayn versus Existential Crisis 

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Since splitting with the band, Zayn has gone through what we'll call his "existential phase," and like any person dealing with a breakup, there are stages to the process. 

For instance, you could lash out at the press for commenting on whether your romantic life was a factor in leaving the band: 

Dyeing your hair various colours — who says a new haircut doesn't improve your outlook?

Image courtesy: Instagram 

Or you start to rehab your career by being the hottest thing in the front row at a Valentino show: 

Image Courtesy: Hollywood Life 

Whatever you do end up doing, Zayn, keep it sassy!

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Featured Image: Facebook – Zayn Mailk


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